Kindermusik Connection: Listening Skills

Listening skills provide the foundation for all aspects of language and reading development. In Kindermusik, we help your child develop active listening skills that she needs for later school success. When your child starts elementary school, she will spend an estimated 50 to 75 percent of classroom time listening to the teacher, to other students, or to media. In Kindermusik, we help your child develop her listening skills. That’s why along with singing, dancing, and instrument exploration, children gather around to listen to the sounds of the bath, an elephant, cat, or other specially chosen sounds. She is learning to understand and make meaning out of the sound. In other words, she is learning how to be an active listener. (That doesn’t mean her “listening ears” won’t fall off when you ask her to pick up her toys!)

How Can I Enhance Listening at Home?

Go for a Sound Walk. Ask your child what he hears. Does he hear the geese flying overhead? What about the leaves crunching beneath his feet? Is that an ambulance or a baby crying? Point out sounds you hear and see if he can hear them, too….enjoy!

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