Adapted Lessons in Milton

Serving Halton/Peel Regions including Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Brampton, Mississauga & surrounding areas

At ‘Harmony is’ we offer adapted music lessons for those who would benefit from individual instruction, but may not meet the criteria for traditional lessons (click here to view the criteria for piano, flute, drum, guitar, voice lessons). Students may be too young for lessons, or may not yet possess the reading or physical skills necessary to commence. Adapted lessons are also an excellent option for individuals who present with special needs (including autism, down syndrome etc) and are looking for a music education program (instead of music therapy).


Our teachers are able to adapt lessons based on each student’s needs. Using a variety of techniques the lesson is structured in a way that is nurturing, rewarding, and paced appropriately for each individual.

How do I know if my child is appropriate for adapted music lessons?

  • may be young too start traditional lessons
  • may not have the attention span to focus on task for 30 minutes
  • may not have the reading skills required to follow a traditional lesson book (ie understanding of sequencing etc)
  • may have physical or sensory limitations that requires alternative lesson planning
  • thrives in an individual learning environment
  • enjoys music
  • is motivated to learn to play music

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