‘Harmony is’ FAQs

Birthday Parties

Do you come to our house?

We can come to your home, or you can have your birthday party at our studio. Read more about our party package

How long is the party at ‘Harmony is’ ?

We offer two and three hour rentals of our facility, including a 30-40 minute Kindermusik class hosted by one of our amazing teachers!

Can we bring food?

Yes! Please to bring food to the party…we just ask that it is peanut free. Many families choose to order pizza for their guests. Please note that we do not have a fridge on site, but you are welcome to bring a cooler with ice if you would like.

Do you have a table?

We do provide one long table for food/gifts, and 10-12 chairs. Families are responsible for providing their own tablecloth.

My son loves trains…can you include some train songs in the class?

Yes…we are happy to adapt the Kindermusik class to include any songs/activities or themes that your child may enjoy.

Do you provide grab bags?

We have sell a variety of instruments that make great, enjoyable grab bag gifts. We do offer a 10% discount on select instruments when you book a party. Visit our

Can I decorate?

Yes, you are welcome to bring in decorations if you wish


Do you sell instruments that are safe for babies?

Yes! We sell a great variety of instruments safe for children of all ages. We sell all the instruments that we use in our Kindermusik classes, so you know they are teacher and child-approved!

Do you sell professional instruments?

Yes, we are approved suppliers of Remo and Latin Percussion instruments. We also supply guitars (and accessories), band instruments (flute/clarinet etc), drums and accessories. Some of these products required special order. Please email us at info@harmonyis.ca to see our full line of professional instruments.

Can I order online?

Yes! You can order online, but we do not provide shipping. Instruments can be picked up at our Milton Studio (330 Bronte Street S, Unit 205). To view our instrument selection,

What is Sonos?

Sonos is a speaker system that can play music from your smart phone…to any room in your home. Sonos also provide a combination of speaker systems that are great for television surround sound.


What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque, Mastercard or Visa. We DO NOT currently accept Debit or American Express.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?

Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate in any amount. Gift Certificates can be used towards anything at our studio (lessons, music therapy, instruments, parties). Just click HERE and choose ‘Gift Card (adjustable amount) At $50’ from the drop down menu. You can adjust this to any amount you want, choose a photo and print from home or email to the recipient! Please ask the recipient to bring the certificate with them to the studio when claiming the amount.

Where are you located?

We are located at 330 Bronte Street S, Unit 205, Milton Ontario. We are upstairs at the end of the left hallway

How will I know when to register for classes or groups?

We provide advanced notice to families via our newsletter and our Facebook Page. Stay connected by signing up!


I’m new to Kindermusik…can I try out a class?

YES! We welcome you to come and try out a class for FREE. This will give you a chance to see what we do in class, and to be confident that Kindermusik is right for you too!

The classes have already started…can I still join?

Yes! You can join at any time, provided there is space in the class. We will prorate the class based on the number of classes you have left. Email us at info@harmonyis.ca for a list of available classes.

I can’t commit to a long session…do you have any other options?

Yes! We frequently offer Kindermusik ‘Playdates’ at various times throughout the year. These are single class commitments with various themes.

My child is 16 months…can he attend a 18m-3 year old class?

Yes! The age limits are just a guideline since each child develops differently. A child who is 16 months may be shy, and benefit from staying in the newborn-18 month age group…being the oldest gives a child a sense of self confidence. A child who is more outgoing may feel more comfortable in the older age group, and prefer to observe or model the behaviours of the older children. You may see that your 16month old is quieter or more distracted in the 18m-3 year old class…do not be concerned! They are interacting in a way that is developmentally appropriate for their age, which will appear much different from how a 2 year old may engage in the activities. We leave it up to the parents to decide what experience you would like from the class, and then choose the age group accordingly.

Can both parents come to class?

While we do welcome you to bring additional adult family members to join in the fun, (mom/dad/aunt/uncle/grandma/grandpa), if our class is full it can get very crowed! We ask that you let us know if you are bringing additional adults to class so we can organize accordingly (and we don’t end up with 16 adults and 8 children in the class!)

I missed one of my Kindermusik classes…can I do a make up?

Make up classes are not guaranteed, but we do our best to accommodate you. If a class is fully enrolled we can only accept one extra family per class, so we ask that you limit your make ups to 2 for a 14-week term, and 1 for our 5-week terms. To self schedule a make up class, please

My baby is 1 month old…will she benefit from coming to class so young?

Yes! Exposure to music at a young age can help promote relaxation, co-ordination, visual and auditory tracking, and parent/child bonding. Many families have told us that their children continue to respond to the music from these early classes, even during toddler and preschool years! We do understand that newborns have their own schedules, so we offer these classes to children under 3 months for FREE! You just pay the cost of the At Home Materials. This way you can socialize with other parents, learn all the activities, and you don’t have to worry if your newborn dozes off during class! With the materials you can repeat the activities at home, at a time that works for your little one!

I’m a Momstown Member. How do I apply my discount?

Momstown members receive at $10 discount off our 5, 7 and 14 week classes. To receive this discount you must pay for the program ONLINE and IN FULL. When checking out, enter the code from the momstown discount page.

Does Kindermusik teach my child to read music?

Kindermusik for the Young Child (designed for 5-7 year olds) is a great introduction to music literacy. Children learn to read notes and rhythms, and play songs using the glockenspiel, dulcimer (stringed instrument) and recorder. This is a two-year program and a great well-rounded way for children to learn music literacy before starting into traditional lessons. Earlier age groups focus on the pre-musical skills such as keeping a steady beat, developing listening skills and auditory awareness, understanding tempo (fast/slow), dynamics (loud/soft) and pitch (high/low) which are essential for music development.

My child is 2 years old, but I have a baby…can I bring them both to class?

If you have 2 children we recommend the ‘Family Time’ option. This class is specially designed for multi-ages and to include both older and younger siblings. Babies can sometimes be distracting in the 18m-3 year old program (especially if they are crawling), since many of the activities are designed to focus attention on one child. The same is true for the babies class (newborn-18months). These classes are designed for younger ages, and are not developmentally appropriate for older siblings who may lose interest in the baby’s activity.


Do you come to my home?

We teach our piano music lessons at our studio at 330 Bronte Street S, Unit 205 in Milton. We do not currently teach lessons at a child’s home.

How old does my child need to be start PIANO lessons?

Generally children start piano lessons around 5 years old. However, since each child develops differently, we look for these milestones to determine readiness…

How old does my child need to be start GUITAR lessons?

Generally children start guitar lessons around 8 years old. However, since each child develops differently, we look for these milestones to determine readiness…

How old does my child have to be to start DRUM lessons?

Generally children start drum lessons around 5 years old. However, since each child develops differently, we look for these milestones to determine readiness…

How old does my child need to be start VOCAL lessons?

Generally children start vocal lessons around 8 years old. However, since each child develops differently, we look for these milestones to determine readiness…

How old does my child need to be start FLUTE lessons?

Generally children start flute lessons around 8 years old. However, since each child develops differently, we look for these milestones to determine readiness…

Can my 3 year old take individual lessons?

We offer adapted lessons for children who do not yet meet the criteria for traditional lessons…

My child has special needs, but I want her to learn music. What options do you have?

We offer adapted music lessons for individuals (child or adult), who would like to learn music, but may need an alternative from traditional lessons.

What is the difference between Music Therapy and Adapted Lessons?

Music Therapy uses music as a catalyst for non-musical goals (motor skills, communication skills etc). The music therapy session is designed to address these goals, and the music is used to promote and enhance change. “>Read more

Music Therapy

What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is the use of music and musical elements to promote change in physical, emotional, social, and cognitive areas of development…

Who is eligible for Music Therapy?

Music Therapists work with children, teens, adults and seniors. Music has no boundaries, so is not bound to only one age group. Music Therapists often work with children/adults who have with autism, Down Syndrome, Speech/Language/Communication delays, physical disabilities, or seniors with dementia/alzheimers/recovering from stroke.

How do I book a Music Therapy assessment?

Please email us at info@harmonyis.ca for more information about music therapy or to book an assessment with one of our therapists.

Do you offer Music Therapy groups?

We do offer music therapy groups. We can also create groups tailored to specific needs. Please email us at info@harmonyis.ca if you would like further information about a group options.

Do you come to our house?

We currently offer individual music therapy sessions at our studio in Milton, but do offer groups at a variety of locations in the community (Community Living Programs, Long Term Care Facilities, Group Homes). Please email us at info@harmonyis.ca for further information about music therapy in the community.

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