Guitar Lessons in Milton, Ontario

Serving Halton/Peel Regions including Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Brampton, Mississauga & surrounding areas

Guitar lessons focus on the fundamentals of guitar performance as well as technique and theory. Through familiar exercises and songs, melody and harmony are taught on the guitar. Performance opportunities will be available at the end of June for those who are interested in participating.

Guitar Lessons in Milton, Ontario

When is my child ready for individual guitar lessons?

Does my child:

  • Understand sequencing (i.e., reading from left to right of the page)
  • Know/recognize the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G
  • Have the ability to move fingers independently
  • Have the finger span to play individual frets (at least 3) on the guitar neck
  • Have the attention span to sit at the guitar for a 30 minute interval
  • Show motivation to learn/play the guitar
  • Thrive in individual (as compared to group) lesson setting
  • Have the arm length to reach their arms around a small/medium guitar body.
  • Have the finger strength to hold down a guitar string to produce a sound

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