Individual Music Therapy

Individual music therapy begins with a music therapy assessment, where the therapist evaluates cognitive, social, emotional, physical areas of functioning as related to musical responses. The assessment provides a baseline for future music therapy sessions and the client is provided with a written copy of the assessment report. Based on the information obtained from the assessment, as well as input from the client/family or the client’s treatment team (with informed consent), the music therapist formulates non-musical goals and objectives for the music therapy sessions (i.e. to improve eye contact, to improve articulation). The music therapist prepares and implements an individualized treatment plan using music as the catalyst to promote change and achieve the chosen goals. The music therapist continuously evaluates the client’s progress towards goals, and written progress reports/recommendations are provided. Individual sessions are generally held for 30, 45 or 60 minutes, once a week, depending on attention span and benefit to the client. for more information or to book a music therapy assessment