Speech Supported Music Therapy

‘Harmony is’ is pleased to offer speech supported music therapy sessions.

Music mimics the natural rhythm and intonation of human speech patterns, making it a wonderful way to enhance speech/language development. At ‘Harmony is’ we are taking this natural pairing one step further to offer our clients the best of both worlds: speech supported music therapy.

Working in partnership with a registered Speech Language Pathologist, our music therapists have access to the expertise only a SLP can provide. Music therapy sessions target speech/language goals such as oral motor development, articulation, vocabulary development, apraxia, aphasia

A registered SLP determines the goals that are carried out by the music therapist during sessions. The music therapist addresses these goals in a series of 5 sessions. The SLP then assesses progress and adjusts goals as necessary by attending/observing one in six sessions. Many healthcare benefits will cover speech supported music therapy

We are pleased to be working with Karen Thadani, M.Cl., Sc., S-LP Reg. CASLPO. Karen can guide sessions based on previous speech goals, or can provide an initial SLP assessment if so desired by the client. Karen will supervise music therapy sessions to ensure the steady progress towards speech and language goals. Read more about Karen here: www.moveandtalk.com

This partnership can be used to fill in gaps between funded speech therapy blocks, or to provide an alternative to traditional music or speech therapy sessions. Our aim is to encourage speech and language development through a motivating musical environment.

Email us at info@harmonyis.ca for more information or to book an appointment