‘Harmony is’ Testimonials

I love the amazing teachers and classmates. Kayia was pretty shy and now she is a bit of a ham in class. She loves the songs so much and gets excited and dances when we sing them at home. The “instruments away” song is a huge hit, she gets so excited to put her toys, books, clothes etc away!


We love Kindermusik @ Harmony Is!!! My daughter absolutely loves the songs, dances and themed activities in each class! It is a fantastic, fun learning environment. Our instructor Natalie was wonderful with the kids, she really got each child involved. The studio is bright and welcoming and we definitely will return!


The kid-height wavy mirrors!


That my LO LOVES it! The smile on my LO face when she walks in the studio is priceless. Great interaction and movement along with singing & dancing. Kindermusik is so much fun!


My son adores all the instruments he gets to try!!


Sommer has a way of mesmerizing the children and making them so happy with song. Love all the little info about music therapy that Sommer shares during the class.


I love how interactive the classes are. It’s not just sitting exploring instruments, you move around and explore the feeling of music too!


Love the classes for little ones, and how engaging they are.


The teachers are amazing. They keep my daughters interest, create a fun and active environment, and share the key learnings throughout the class (tempo, rhythm, etc). We both love it!


I love seeing my 1 year old son react to all the different instruments and music! He loves it!


I love the interaction with the children.


I love the variety of different instruments used in each class and the upbeat teachers.


My son loves the music and loves the structure of the classes. I love that I have seen a nice boost in his language since we started!


The boys get to experience all sorts of different instruments and get to express themselves with them


We love Kindermusik!!! I love to watch the progress my little one has made. We started attending Kindermusik classes when my daughter was not even 3 months old, and the expression on her face when we all started singing is priceless. She’s almost 14 months now and she cannot wait to get into class, socialize with her friends and sing and dance.

Shikha Sharma

I have been really happy with my experience at harmony is studio! There were lots of options for class times in the evenings which is great for working parents. We had Natalie as our instructor and she was fabulous with all the kids! I love that the kids get a cd to listen too.. My daughter loves them! Also the at home materials that can be accesses is a great idea! Keep up he good work!!


We are extremely happy at ‘Harmony is’ and my daughter absolutely loves the class


What I love about Kindermuisk at Harmony is!
We are so lucky to have had both our boys attend Kindermusik. This as been a great experience not only for the boys and there overall development but also for me as a mother and an opportunity to meet other great moms. The staff is very kind and accommodating. We have even had our son’s party with them and will do so again for Landon’s first birthday. They have been about of my mat leave and have given me a chance to watch my babies grow.

Teresa Voordouw Coady

Harmony is provided my son and I a great outing when he was an infant and toddler that developed his skills in a fun way. The instructors are wonderful – sincere, energetic and professional. The studio is bright and welcoming and we will continue to return to Sommer Johnstone and her team with our new little one when she’s old enough!

Natalia Weidner

My son Nolan loves Kindermusik. I find Harmony is provides a fantastic environment for learning.

Son Nguyen

I loved taking classes at Harmony is because it opened up my daughter and son to interacting with music and making new friends.

Stephanie Bressette

Sasha blossomed musically at Harmony Is. She loves to sing, dance and play the instruments.

Shelly Jairam

Harmony is is a wonderful learning and playing environment for children and adults alike. They welcome all ages. The teachers are always welcoming, knowledgeable, patient and energetic. I love the flexibility of the classes. If you miss one you can always make it up . My kids always look forward to music day! Thanks Harmony is!

Jessica Gaetan

We have been to a few parties at Kindermusik@Harmony Is and we have all had a blast!! We will be starting up classes in the next session

Jamie Contarini

Rylan and I are thoroughly enjoying our Village Dream Pillow classes!
Rylan really enjoys the class, and I attribute his constant babble and first words to your wonderful program! He talks so much for the duration of the day after the class.

Kerri and Rylan

Thanks to Sommer and the team Emily is a musician. We have been taking Emily to Harmony is since she was an infant. Imagine our 6 year old reading music. Emily has always enjoyed her time with you. Imagine our daughter knows what a B or A or F note is !!!! Kudos to Harmonyis!!! Emily is already excited about piano and voice lessons with Andrea in the Fall. We tell all of our friends and family with children that “Harmony is” is the way to go!!!!

Frank, Lucy and Emily

Both my daughter and son have participated in various programs offered and all of them have been fantastic.
The programs have helped both my children learn important skills like sharing and patience at a very young age.
The instructors are really great, they make both you and the children feel welcomed and comfortable.
We can’t wait for the next session to begin!

Carrie Apa mom of Caterina and Mateo

Both of my children (Madison, age 3 1/2 and Abigail, age 1 1/2) have been taking Kindermusik since the age of 4 months.
We love the programme because it teaches them so many things in a way that we can’t do at home.
They very quickly learn the routine, and can anticipate what is coming next, from a very early age.
My youngest started getting herself “ready” to start at the age of 11 months by sitting herself down on my lap facing outwards, and beginning to pat on her knees for the “hello” song, as soon as she would see her instructor get up to close the door. Both of my girls love music, and we all sing along with the songs from the cd when we are driving around town, often doing the actions as well. They learn counting and rhythm, and can recognize the sounds of different instruments without seeing them. As a teacher, I am aware of the connection between music/arts and math/science skills, and have found that Kindermusik is helping them to develop their creative side! They love their instructors, and form a quick attachment to them. Just walking into the building brought squeals of delight from my oldest daughter when she was only half way.

Tara, Madison and Abigail

Kindermusik at Harmony Is had helped my daughter dramatically increase her vocabulary.
It is a fun way to learn new words and concepts, try different instruments from around the world, and make new friends. I highly recommend it.

Melissa and Emma

Harmony is has been such a wonderful program for Gideon and I. The instructors are very professional and so much fun. Sommer has done an excellent job in growing this amazing local business. We are proud to be a part of this engaging and creative program. Looking forward to more classes in the future! Thanks guys for the amazing programs!

Tami & Gideon

My son Christopher LOVES music class. His teacher, Andrea, is friendly, polite, and professional, and she is great with her students. Her passion for music and teaching is evident in the way she interacts with her students. Personally, I love the way music is taught…the children get to experience it with their full bodies, and they are learning so much without it feeling like ‘work’. My son has already asked me to sign him up for the next session. I would highly recommend this program to other parents interested in cultivating a love of music in their children.

Irene and Christopher

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